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TELNET IVADDR invalid media address error?

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The Question is:

I am having difficulty getting tcp/ip to work on a VaxStation 4000 VLC.
This was working in the past.  When attempting to telnet the following error
is generated:
%UCX-E-TELNET_CONNECT, failed to connect to remote host
-SYSTEM-F-IVADDR, invalid media address
When attempting to configure UCX I believe there is an error initializing
Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Answer is :

  Make sure you don't have a duplicate IP address around, either on
  the network or on the local node.  (Each interface should be in a
  different subnet, as well.)
  Make sure you have the current version and ECO of TCP/IP Services.
  Contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.  Expect to be asked the
  TCP/IP product version(s) and the command(s) used, as well as the
  output of the TCP/IP SHOW INTERFACE command.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-DEC-1999 )

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