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TELNET and IP address / port? (host name missing)

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The Question is:

I just upgraded to VMS7.2 (from 7.1) and TCPIP 5 (from UCX 4.2). If I login
via Telnet from a PC and enter $SH USER/FULL I see the IPAddr and PortNbr
instead of the Hostname.
I remember under UCX4.2 I had to enter the UCX> SET HOST command. The
installation of TCPIP 5 converted the old databases. I can PING to the
HOSTname and I also can FTP and TELNET to the HOSTname.
What did I wrong? What I have to do to see the Hostname instead of the
IPAddresse by entering $SH USER/FULL?
Thanks for your Support!

The Answer is :

  This is apparently a recently-identified and known problem in TCP/IP
  Services V5.0 and V5.0A.  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center directly for assistance and for the availability of an ECO.
  On various TCP/IP Services versions, the following command _should_
  control this:
  But on V5.0 and V5.0A, it does not.  (If you do change this setting,
  then you must stop and restart telnet.)

answer written or last revised on ( 13-DEC-1999 )

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