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System performance upgrade options?

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The Question is:

cpu usage is at 300%, continually.
                            OpenVMS Monitor Utility
                            TIME IN PROCESSOR MODES
                                 on node ORA41
                            13-DEC-1999 15:15:38.02
Combined for  3 CPUs                   CUR        AVE        MIN        MAX
    Interrupt State                  11.66      13.32       5.33      37.66
    MP Synchronization                0.66       0.82       0.00      10.66
    Kernel Mode                      64.66      50.20      13.66     112.66
    Executive Mode                    3.00       1.14       0.00      10.00
    Supervisor Mode                   1.00       0.76       0.00      18.66
    User Mode                       206.33     226.68      79.00     279.00
    Compatibility Mode                0.00       0.00       0.00       0.00
    Idle Time                        13.00       7.03       0.00     100.00
No user slowdown is being reported. I suspect I could use another cpu. How
can I prove that a cpu will help?
Its a 4100 5/533 running Oracle

The Answer is :

  After skimming through the OpenVMS performance documentation, please
  contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance in determining
  the current OpenVMS Alpha system performance baseline and in determing
  what (if any) upgrade path is the most appropriate for your environment.
  The addition of a CPU may or may not be appropriate here, and may or may
  not result in a performance improvement, and may or may not be permitted
  by the existing system configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-DEC-1999 )

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