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VAXstation 4000 VLC video cables?

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The Question is:

My question pertains to my VS4000/VLC, not specifically VMS.  Sorry, but I
have nowhere else to turn it seems.  I've tried the newsgroups, internet
searches, the Compaq website and DEC equipment dealers to no avail.
I have a VS4000/VLC (model VS48K-CA) and a VRT19-HA monitor.  I can and have
run my system with a VT320 monitor and installed the hobbyist OpenVMS v7.2
successfully (although it told me I had an Alpha, not a VAX!).
My issue: I can't find the right video cable anywhere!!!! :(  My VLC has a
LR-8 PLN FB-V1.1 graphics card with a 15 pin SVGA female socket on the back
of the box.  The 'standard' for VLCs it seems is a 'D' socket with 3 BNC
connectors.  That's not what I
I got a generic 15 pin to 5 BNC cable from Best Buy.  It fits but all I get
are fuzzy grey lines on the screen.  This indicates the horizontal
(composite) sync is not right, I think.
I need to know:
1. what type of graphics adaptor do I have? i.e. will it drive the VRT19-HA
or is it realy a VGA adaptor?  (I have tried two VGA monitors on the box
2. the pinouts for the socket on the VLC so I can hack the generic cable I
bought, if possible.
3. the part number for the correct DEC cable if that's my only option.
I don't own a VT terminal so I haven't able to use the VLC since September.
I'd realy like to use DEC Windows though which is why I want to get the VRT
Please help.
Bob Edis
Houston, TX

The Answer is :

  The VAXstation 4000 VLC series used the following video cables:
                        Manufacturing    Orderable     Video
                        Cable Part       Cable Part    Controller
                        ----------       ----------    ----------
    VAXstation 4000 VLC 17-02906-01      BC29G-09      PV31G-AC/AD
    Color/Greyscale     17-02906-02      BC29G-03      PV31G-AC/AD
    Color/Greyscale     30-34762-03      BCC27-05      PV31G-AB
    Color/Greyscale     17-01992-01      BC23J-03      PV31G-AA
  Various of these cables were shared with members of the VAXstation
  3100 series.
  The VAXstation 4000 VLC series used the following video controllers:
    Video        Controller    Video                Manufacturing  D-sub
    Controller   Description   Resolution           Board Part     Connector
    ----------   -----------   ----------           ----------     ----------
    PV31G-AA     HR-8PLN FB    1024 x 768 at 72Hz   54-20772-01    15-pin
                 LR-8PLN FB    1024 x 864 at 60Hz
    switchable resolution...   switch set on: 72Hz, set off: 60Hz
    PV31G-AB     LR-8PLN FB    1024 x 768 at 60Hz   54-20776-03    3-pin coax
    PV31G-AC     Mono-4PLN FB  1280 x 1024 at 72Hz  54-20776-01    3-pin coax
    PV31G-AD     Mono-4PLN FB  1280 x 1024 at 66Hz  54-20776-02    3-pin coax
  The cable pinouts are not readily available to the OpenVMS Wizard.
  The PV31G-AC and PV31G-AD are compatible with the VRT19-HA video.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-DEC-1999 )

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