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Network carrier check failure messages?

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The Question is:

I recently picked up a DEC 3000 model 400 and set it up as a hobbyist
system. It is running 7.1-1H2 and life is good with one exception. The
console is getting flooded with the following message [an excerpt from the
Event: Carrier Check Failure from: Node LOCAL:.SHIVA CSMA-CD station
From what I have been able to determine this is "network related" even
though I don't have a network.
I searched through the OpenVMS online documentation and did come across
[essentially] MCR LATCP which gives me a "NOSUCHDEV, no such device" error.
A show device e does list about nine esa devices.
I used dejanews to look through comp.os.vms posts and the only thing I found
was one post that suggested something along the lines of:
$ mcr ncl
((NODE,CSMA), Carrier Check Failure)
Over the course of several weeks I have been unable to get this command to
work. It always returns an error complaining about a missing left [or right]
Although a REPLY/DISABLE=NETWORK stops the messages on the console I am
getting ~3600 blocks in the operator log per day.
As I am rather dense can you please enlighten me as to the cause of this
message and the ncl error to block the [OPCOM] message.

The Answer is :

  If the system is not configured on a valid local area network (LAN),
  either shut down the use of DECnet and other network protocols (eg:
  comment out the NET$STARTUP or START/NETWORK in your system startup),
  or reconfigure the system network hardware onto a valid LAN or with
  valid network termination.
  Also please see topic (3475) for information on DECnet-Plus NCL syntax
  for disabling a network controller from the current configuration.
  Related topics include (7105), (3500), (3516), (3632), and (4439).

answer written or last revised on ( 8-NOV-2001 )

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