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sys$creprc and use of the node argument?

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The Question is:

sys$creprc() fails when I give node name
When I pass node arguments to sys$creprc() to create process on local
node it fails  to create the process. This problem occurs on standalone
If I run same code on other cluster machine it works fine.
My piece of code is like this.
sys$creprc(&proc_pid, &image_name, &sys_input, &sys_output,0,0,0,0,
           base_priority,0,0,stsflag,0, &node_name);
Where node name is  got calling lib$get_hostname(&node_name, &ret_length).
Any suggestions on this ? The status code returned from sys$creprc  tells
unknown remote node but the node name got from get_hostname is
correct one.
Or does it related to any rights identifier?
User privileges on both standalone machine aswell as cluster is same
in both the condition.
Thx in advance.

The Answer is :

  First, the OpenVMS Wizard strongly recommends the specification of
  a full and complete list of process quotas.  Failure to do so can
  lead to odd or bizarre system-specific failures, failures dependent
  on the particular site-specific process and/or system quota settings.
  Second, though the documentation is unfortunately not particularly
  clear on this issue, the specification of the node name argument is
  not permitted when the system is operating standalone.  (Per a check
  of the OpenVMS source code, the condition value SS$_NOSUCHNODE will
  be returned.)
  OpenVMS Engineering will consider relaxing this particular requirement
  in a future release of OpenVMS.  In any case, the associated OpenVMS
  system service documentation will be updated to better reflect the
  existing (or potentially for the newly relaxed) requirement for the
  sys$creprc system service node argument.
  Thank you for your report.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-DEC-1999 )

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