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OpenVMS on Jensen? (DEC 2000, DECpc 150 AXP)

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
i bought an used DECpc150 aka Jensen with AHA-1742-SCSI. I tried to install
OpenVMS 7.1 for Alpha from the original medium. I switched to the OpenVMS
SRM-Console and tried to start up with "boot DKA500". DKA500 is my CD-ROM
and found by the command "sh de
v", also as the HD DKA0. The boot-fail with error 84 and the Audit_Boot
doesn4t seem to start.
What did I do wrong?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard generally recommends an AlphaStation or AlphaServer
  series system for OpenVMS hobbyists wishing to acquire an Alpha system.
  The OpenVMS Wizard generally does not recommend using a system that
  was originally targeted for use (only) with Microsoft Windows NT, as
  there is the potential for various hardware, software, firmware, and/or
  licensing issues when the hobbyist wishes to switch over to OpenVMS or
  Tru64 UNIX.
  The DEC 2000 model 300 -- also known as the DECpc 150 AXP when sold and
  loaded and configured for use (only) with Windows NT, and as the DEC 2000
  model 500 when configured in a larger enclosure, and by the internal
  project name "Jensen" -- has very specific requirements for the correct
  operation of the Adaptec AHA 1742 SCSI controller -- the ROM revision
  G.2 is required for OpenVMS, the FCO is PB22H-0002.  Further, the SCSI
  SCSI bus has particular configuration requirements -- only internal SCSI
  connections are permitted with the Adaptec AHA 1742 SCSI controller in
  this configuration, and then only with the specific SCSI devices that
  were originally sold and supported with the platform.
  Use of the EISA Configuration Tool (ECU) is also required in order to
  initialize the saved system configuration.
  OpenVMS requires a CD-ROM device that supports 512-byte block transfers.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-DEC-1999 )

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