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LMF, PAKs, and User Licensing?

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The Question is:

How does VMS calculate the usage of a VMS user license?
If I have a 32 user license, I can have more that 32 interactive processes

The Answer is :

  The intention of OpenVMS user licenses is to count users, rather than
  just processes.  Unfortunately, the problem of detecting and counting
  a user is an intractable one, but the operating system makes some
  attempts to recognise when processes belong to the same physical user.
  For example, a user with a DECwindows session on a workstation can have
  an unlimited number of DECterms, none of which will consume license
  units. Each DECterm will count as an interactive process, but only the
  DECwindows session will consume any interactive user license units.
  The algorithm for deciding how license units are counted is far too
  complex to attempt to describe here, and is specific to the particular
  system and the particular product authorization key (PAK) in use.
  (For an introduction to the license management facility (LMF) and to
  PAKs, please see the OpenVMS License Management Utility manual included
  in the OpenVMS documentation set.)
  Perhaps the simplest way for you to see what is happening is to use
  the DCL command SHOW LICENSE/USAGE to monitor which processes are using
  units from what license PAKs.  Try a command such as the following:
  Remember that the LMF is a license management utility, and not a license
  enforcement utility.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you don't
  violate your license agreement -- LMF is designed to assist you in
  complying with your software license agreement.  Please see the Software
  Product Description (SPD) and the standard terms and conditions for
  further information on product licensing and license requirements.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-DEC-1999 )

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