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Cannot boot OpenVMS VAX from CD?

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The Question is:

According to the installation guide, I should be able to boot my VAX-4600
from the V7.2 distribution CD using root SYS1 and be able to get a "full"
VMS running, like is done on Alphas.
WhenI attempt this, however,  it boots but reaches a point where it
complains that the system disk is write locked and it hangs in mount
My CDROM is a StorageWorks drive attached to an HSD10 hung off a DSSI bus.

The Answer is :

  This would appear to be a problem with the particular VAX 4000 model
  600 series system hardware configuration or with the OpenVMS software
  involved and its interaction with the configuration -- please contact
  the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance in resolving this.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-DEC-1999 )

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