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Weird System Time on OpenVMS VAX Boot? (TOY)

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The Question is:

On rebooting my Clusters after the New Year Shutdown, my satellites show
that my uptime is 16-nov-1859 & my boottime is 2nd Jan 2001 !.
Bootserver show correct uptime & boottime.
A reboot of the satellite clears the problem.
I have installed the Y2k patches and it happened on different versions of
Vms V5.5-2 & V6.2. Why ??

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly recommends that any Y2K issues and any
  other time-critical issues be routed directly to the Compaq Customer
  Support Center.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details on the maintenance of the VAX
  TOY clock.  Specifically, please see the VAX8 section.
  On no evidence and little information, the OpenVMS Wizard expects this
  is a result of a skew between the saved system time and the contents of
  the VAX TOY clock -- unusual time values are expected VAX behaviour when
  a SET TIME command has not been performed during the specified window,
  and the TOY clock overflows, and when system disks get swapped.
  All VAX systems maintain the system time over a power failure or system
  shutdown by saving the value of the day of the year in the TOY and the
  year in the SYS.EXE system image, and assembling these values at boot.
  These values must remain in synchronization, and the value stored in the
  VAX TOY itself can overflow after 497 days.  Further, the saved value
  in the SYS.EXE can obviously change when the system disk is swapped,
  or when a new SYS.EXE is loaded as part of an OpenVMS upgrade.  (The
  OpenVMS VAX upgrade takes care to prompt the system manager to confirm
  the correct time at the key points, to prevent the introduction of this
  particular behaviour as a result of the OpenVMS upgrade.)
  The system uptime calculation reported an uptime value that was negative.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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