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Console Halt-Continue? DLT tape Compression?

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The Question is:

DS10 HAlt button once pushed and then???
Pushing it a second time does not help, the
DS10 refuses to start (HALT Button is set).
My only solutions is to power down/up?
thanx for the answer on ELSA gloria.
Be advised OpenVMS V7.2-1 Stabackit will not
use high density modes on the DLT7000 tape, it
always turns off the compression light. There might be more situations while
I'm reading the FAQ's. Thanx for all the help you guys are trying give.

The Answer is :

  Please include only one topic per question.  Thanks!
  The halt-continue console operation is not particularly reliable on
  many VAX and Alpha platforms and has been known to lead to various
  problems ranging up to and including system crashes.   The transition
  of the control of the console from console to OpenVMS to DECwindows to
  console and back to the OpenVMS system and DECwindows is (can be)
  problematic at best.
  Further, the console interface -- and particularly the expected console
  interconnection mechanism -- for at least certain future Alpha platforms
  may effectively mandate that this particular capability be entirely
  removed from the console.
  Short answer: don't do it.
  Long answer: use the system code debugger, or expect to have to reboot.
  As for the particular console lockout reported here, that sounds somewhat
  unusual.  Please check that your console firmware version is correct
  (V5.5-7 or later), ensure that you have the GRAPHICS ECO V3 (or later)
  installed, and -- to eliminate the potential for a hardware problem --
  please contact your hardware support organization for assistance.
  As for the DLT7000 tape drive, unrecognized magnetic tape drive devices
  do not necessarily trigger the use of media compression or any other
  particular support or option(s) -- that said, the OpenVMS command used
  to explicitly enable data compression is (somewhat confusingly) called
  ("DLT" drives are generic tape drives from Quantum, with no customization
  and no firmware tailoring and no platform-specific testing.  And with no
  support from Compaq.  TZ drives are customized, tested, and supported
  for use on Compaq operating systems.)

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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