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Ethernet port names?

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The Question is:

DS10: DECnet V naming of ethernetports seams confusing:
There are 3 ports on the mashine, EWA, EWB do come with the mashine and EWC
does come with the SCSI Controller. Cable plugged into EWA as labeled on the
box, console reports 100Mbits found on EWC and does work on that channel,
while TCP V5.0 is looking fo
r EWA0 to do the same job?

The Answer is :

  There have been known to be differences between the controller names
  presented by the system console, and the names presented by the host
  operating system -- this due to (expected but rather ugly) differences
  in the device configuration algorithm sequencings chosen by the console
  and by OpenVMS.
  Without details of the device configuration, it is rather difficult
  to determine which device is which.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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