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CMS MANCONLIB library error?

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The Question is:

We have just upgraded to CMS Version 4.0 from version 3.5-1.  After the CMS
upgrade, I tried to use the following CMS command and got the result shown
PSS3_TM_P61> cms show element
%CMS-E-NOREF, error referencing PSGDDISK:[PSGDSRC.OSP]
-CMS-E-MANCONLIB, PSGDDISK:[PSGDSRC.OSP] is prior to CMS V3.5-04 library and
not be used with the current version.
%CMS-W-NOELE, no elements found
Therefore, I tried to convert the library and got the following result:
PSS3_TM_P61> cms convert library
_V2 library: [psgdsrc.osp]
_Directory for current library: psgddisk:[psgdsrc.osp]
%CMS-E-NOCONVERT, error converting V2 library to V3 format
-CMS-E-CONVNOTNEC, library PSGDDISK:[PSGDSRC.OSP] is already in the current
Summary of the problem: Our new version of CMS is 4.0 the old version
(Version of the library) is 3.5-1. I hvae not been able to eithe use the CMS
library or convert it to version 4.0
Could you please suggest a solution to this problem ?
Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  A change was made to the format of the CMS database for CMS libraries
  starting with V3.5-03 -- to ensure that earlier versions of CMS are
  unable to access the database once the "conversion" to V3.5-05 and
  later is made, you must issue the following two commands when upgrading
  from V3.5-03 and prior.  (The only differences between CMS version
  V3.5-03 and CMS version V3.5-05 involve changes to ensure that np
  earlier version of CMS can access the "converted" database.)
  To perform the "conversion", issue the following commands for each
  CMS library present:
    $ RENAME disk:[directory]00CMS.* 01CMS.*
    $ COPY NLA0: disk:[directory]00CMS.CMS
  The new file 00CMS.CMS must have the same security settings as the
  01CMS.CMS file, and is created solely to ensure continued compatibility
  with tools that expect to find a 00CMS.CMS file (eg: various versions
  of the Language-Sensitive text editor LSEDIT).

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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