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Accessing TCP/IP LPD Server from NT?

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The Question is:

Scenario: Alpha System, running OpenVMS 7.1 with 2 printer (Digital LA30W
Companion Printer and Digital LA400 Multiprinter). I have to print a Word
document on both printers via TCPIP$LPD server on alpha from a Windows NT
Workstation 4.00, sp4.
TCPIP$LPD configured this way:
My queues are: (SHO QUE /FULL):
Terminal queue RAG_PRINT, idle, on RAGIO::LTA1:, mounted form LA400
Terminal queue RAG_PRINT2, idle, on RAGIO::TTA0:, mounted form LA30
   (stock=DEFAULT)) Lowercase /OWNER=[SYSTEM] /PROTECTION=(S:M,O:D,G:R,W)
Server queue TCPIP$LPD_QUEUE, idle, on RAGIO::, mounted form DEFAULT
I configured my NT vith: Start - Impostazioni (in italian) - Printers -
Server Properties - ports - add port - local port - new port called eg.
I close panel and do Add Printer - local printer - rag_print2 port and
select a driver (downloaded from Digital web server).
I try to print anything but i can see no response on NT either on my alpha
station without being gived any error from NT. If i do a SHO QUEUE/FULL i
can see all queues idle, printing nothing.
I would send you some log, or error log but i couldn't fint any. If i print
from OpenVms i can print without any problem.
(At least PRINT/QUE=ANY_QUE still work :]). I'm not a VMS SYSTEM MANAGER,
although i have any needed privilege to manage my system, but i have to
resolve this problem as son as possible.
I would appreciate if you can give me any information about: finding any log
on my system about my lpd server, finding more information about TCPIP$LPD
on VMS and NT clients. I also would know if you find any error in my
configuration or if you have any s
uggestion about checking more information from my system that i can pass
you, or if you have any suggestion about running tests program to test my
I have to add that the printers print on a "continue module" (80 columns for
LA30W and 132 for LA400)... perhaps i misconfigured it on my NT
configuration? I tried all the "separator page" and printing processor,
nothing changed.
Thanks in advance,
Simona Venuti

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as the OpenVMS Wizard
  is not a Windows NT System Manager -- and as this question appears to be
  a time-critical question.  Also please ensure that OpenVMS TCP/IP Services
  is running at least V4.2 with the current ECO, or (better) V5.0A or later.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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