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VAX (Pro) Console and Y2K?

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The Question is:

On a VAX 8800, the VAX Console is a modified Pro380.  According to the Y2K
readiness pages, the Pro380 OS is not Y2K ready, but the wrong date will
only affect files on the Pro380.  During system startup, however, I find the
boot reports the time from the
 Pro380.  After VMS starts up and the VAX joins the cluster the correct time
is reported.  What I'm concerned about is what if the VAX 8800 creates the
cluster?  Will the time come from somewhere other than the Pro380 in this

The Answer is :

  Probably the most important part of the question here is:
  "Which version of the Console?"
  Compaq made significant modifications to the Console over time, and
  the only Y2K testing that the OpenVMS Wizard is particularly familiar
  with involves the V10.0 Console -- this was the version where the VAX
  TODR was moved down into RTDRV, the Pro's Nautilus device driver.
  Here are some notes that summarize the situation:
    o The VAX 8800 series and derivatives are considered Y2K ready.
    o Local operations that occur out on the VAX console -- effectively
      a dedicated Pro350 or Pro380 system -- are not considered Y2K ready.
    o Regardless, the TODR is believed to deliver the expected results
      to the host regardless -- and thus the VAX host is Y2K Ready.
      (As is the case on all VAX systems, this register provides the
      day of the year -- 32 bits counting by 10ms -- and not the year.
      In other words, the year value is maintained in the VAX system
      image on all VAX systems, and is not maintained by the console.)
    o Also -- in the usual fashion for VAX systems -- make sure you
      remember to issue the annual SET TIME command -- please see the
      OpenVMS FAQ for details on the VAX TOY.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2000 )

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