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Disk Services? (NetWare, SMB, NFS)

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The Question is:

Is it possible to use Windows NT 4.0's "net use" command to access
VAX/OpenVMS files services much like a "use" command from an MS-DOS
pathworks machine.
I wish to access one file service from an NT 4.0 workstation machine that is
located on a VAX 4000/100 server.  Thanks for any hints.

The Answer is :

  PATHWORKS (Advanced Server) for OpenVMS will allow you to share file and
  print resources for access by SMB-based clients, of which Windows NT 4.0
  is one.  This will allow access from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 via the
  NET USE command.
  The availability of this capability depends greatly on the availability
  of NetWare support on the host system, if this particular enviroment
  uses NetWare.  Other common approaches for serving storage include NFS,
  SMB (via SAMBA), and various other disk services packages...

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JAN-2000 )

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