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BACKUP/PHYSICAL and disk geometries?

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The Question is:

BACKUP/PHY DISK to DISK does not work with identical 4.3 GB Disks?
Backup/Phy from a 4,3GB dsik to tape does work, but according to the manual,
it should be possible to copy between identical disks, even from a larger
disk to a bigger one. The example reflects RK06 drives, which are a little
out of date and I dont have a
ny disks of that siye anymore. Tested 20 years ago?

The Answer is :

  While the disks involved might have the same (or similar) capacity, they
  might not have the (required) same geometry.  (While the geometry on many
  modern disks is synthesized, BACKUP/PHYSICAL expects the disk geometries
  to be identical -- not all disks choose to synthesize identical values.)
  Use SHOW DEVICE/FULL to display the values for "Total blocks", "Sectors
  per track", "Total cylinders", and "Tracks per cylinder", and ensure that
  these values match on both the source and target disks.
  Specific BACKUP command(s) and errors received, as well as the specific
  details of the particular 4.3 GB disks involved, would be useful.
  If the disk geometries match, please first check for a BACKUP ECO, and
  then (if the problem persists) please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JAN-2000 )

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