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DCPS rawtcp printing does not work?

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The Question is:

DCPS V1.6/V1.7 dont work with ip_rawtcp!
We did try a DEC3500 and HPLJ4 printers using ports 10001/9100 resp. The job
does go
into starting state and does remain there forever. Any suggestions without
replacing openvms/axp? There are more major sites, who do have this problem
and they are not willing to ask compad/dec questions anymore, they do close
out the maintenance contract
s and cease the usage of equipment from this vendor.

The Answer is :

  What doesn't work?
  What are the symptoms?
  What (if any) error messages?
  What (if any) OPCOM messages?
  What (if any) messages are logged?
  What TCP/IP version and what ECO?  (V5.0A, likely...)
  What is the rawtcp connection type?
  What is the DCPS queue setup?
  What TCPIP$* logical names are in place?
  What port does the HP LaserJet printer actually expect to use?
  Can you telnet to the printer port, and enter the following text:
(Hello, world!\n) print flush
^D           %control-D
  Are there any SYS$SPECIFIC:[*...]DCPS* files around?
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.  If you are not
  getting the response from the support center you require, please ask
  to talk to a supervisor.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JAN-2000 )

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