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DCL and SEVERITY code handling?

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The Question is:

I am getting a $SEVERITY code of 0 from a backup/image command.  I
previously have only ever seen a code of 1 or 2.  Where can I find
documented what the $SEVERITY codes are for the backup command?  I am
wondering if this is an OpenVMS 7.2 change.  My oth
er systems run OpenVMS 7.1.

The Answer is :

  The DCL command interpreter normally checks the status code returned when a
  DCL command or program image completes and saves the numeric value of this
  code in the reserved symbol named $STATUS. The low-order 3 bits of this
  value are also saved in the reserved symbol $SEVERITY.
  The format and interpretation of Condition Values is described in the
  OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual, Section 15.5 "Condition Values":
Condition Value Fields
     The severity of the error condition. Bit 0 indicates success (logical
     true) when set and failure (logical false) when clear. Bits 1 and 2
     distinguish degrees of success or failure. The three bits, when taken
     as an unsigned integer, are interpreted as described in Table 15-6.
     The symbolic names are defined in module $STSDEF.
                           Table 15-6 Severity of Error Conditions
Value Symbol 	    Severity	 Response
  0  STS$K_WARNING  Warning  	 Execution continues, unpredictable results
  1  STS$K_SUCCESS  Success  	 Execution continues, expected results
  2  STS$K_ERROR    Error    	 Execution continues, erroneous results
  3  STS$K_INFO     Information  Execution continues, informational message
  4  STS$K_SEVERE   Severe error Execution terminates, no output
  5  Reserved for Compaq
  6  Reserved for Compaq
  7  Reserved for Compaq
  So, in your case the BACKUP has completed with a warning message, which
  should have been written to the log file. Your action will obviously
  depend on the exact message.
  BACKUP has always been capable of returning status codes of all severities,
  so your observation is not a result of upgrading. Your code should be
  written to handle severity codes of 0 through 4 as described above.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that you are familiar with the ON and
  SET NOON DCL commands.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-JAN-2000 )

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