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Third-party tool and RMS? (CONNX ODBC)

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The Question is:

I am trying to update a field in an RMS file via a CONNX ODBC driver. When I
try to update the field I get the SQL message: ERR:99484...invalid key
change in $UPDATE (CHG) not set. The field consists of the first column only
and is in what I believe to be
 the primary key. The KEY$V_CHGKEYS flag does not appear on an ANALYZE
report for this key.
How can I change this field?

The Answer is :

  For starters, RMS does NOT allow changes to PRIMARY keys, only for
  secondary keys. Changing primary keys can only be achieved by a
  sequence of a READ, a DELETE, and a re-WRITE.  This is how COBOL
  implements REWRITE -- for information on CONNX and how CONNX (tries
  to) perform this, please contact CONNX support.
  Secondary key values can be changed, if that was enabled when the
  file was created -- this is a permanent file attribute.  To change
  that attribute, you will need to use the following sequence:
    EDIT <fdl>

answer written or last revised on ( 17-JAN-2000 )

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