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Performance gain due to new storage?

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The Question is:

What performance differences would you expect from moving from Wide SCSI
adapater to UltraSCSI adapters, using RA7000 on an OpenVMS V7.1 Alphaserver
8400 Cluster.

The Answer is :

  The performance gain depends highly on what factor(s) are currently
  limiting the application performance...
  Without specific details on the current application activity and
  particularly the current application bottlenecks, the OpenVMS Wizard
  could expect anything from zero to very large gains to (rather unlikely,
  but still remotely possible) negative performance impact...  If the
  application is not I/O bound, then there will be little or no gain.  If
  the application is heavily I/O bound, then improvements in caching and
  increases physical memory may be appropriate.  If caching is appropriate
  and sufficient physical memory is available, then the performance increase
  from the storage I/O changes will roughly parallel the differences between
  the controller and disk throughput for the subsystems.  Obviously...

answer written or last revised on ( 17-JAN-2000 )

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