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DECwindows Unable to open display? (UNAOPNDIS)

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The Question is:

When trying to run a fortran program in debug mode i get an error message
which says -
%DEBUG-F-UNAOPNDIS,  Unable to open display _WSA1:
I have compiled this test program with the command: -
 and also linked with the link/debug command
I am  using a "Kea" terminal.
Is this a terminal issue or I need something in my Debug.ini file
Right now I have this command in my login.com
and following are in the debug.ini file
set module/all
set mode screen
set output term
(This is what I get on logging in - to help in the version information
OpenVMS Alpha Operating System, Version V6.2-1H2)

The Answer is :

    This has nothing to do with the way your program is compiled or linked,
    nor is it affected by the presence or contents of your DEBUG.INI file.
    For some reason you have a DECwindows display device defined in your
    process which is not working. Use SHOW DISPLAY to see it, it may be an
    artifact of your login procedures.
    By default, if DEBUG sees a display, it will attempt to activate the
    DECwindows interface. Since it is unable to open the display, an error
    message is issued and DEBUG fails to activate.
    At this point there are two choices, either provide DEBUG with an
    appropriate DECwindows server, or make DEBUG use the character cell
    You could achieve the former by installing X server software, such as
    eXcursion on your PC and ensuring that the display is defined
    correctly. The DECwindows interface is a GUI with point and click
    commands. In many respects it is more powerful than the traditional
    character cell interface.
    To make DEBUG use the character cell interface, you could delete the
    display (since you don't seem to be using it and it's not working
    anyway) with SET DISPLAY/DELETE. See HELP for this command first as
    there a few caveats. The success may depend on where the display was
    created and whether the display is in use by another process.
    Should you wish to force DEBUG to use the character cell interface
    while retaining a DECwindows display define the logical name:
    	$ DEFINE DBG$DECW$DISPLAY " " ! must be a space character

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JAN-2000 )

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