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DECnet-Plus Carrier Check Failure?

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The Question is:

Hello ,
I'm calling from Mobimak, Skopje Macedoni and I want to ask a some
During the last month the AUC/EIR system is giving the messages of this
%%%% OPCOM 4-JAN-2000 11:16.45.12 %%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on MON1
Event: Carrier Check Failure From: Node LOCAL:.MON1 CSMA-CD Station
at: 2000-01-04-11:16:45.120+01:00Iinf
eventUid    EF9A6680-C297-11D3-AAD3-0800 2B9C5
entityUid    C1738B20-BFE4-11D3-8003-AA0004000104
streamUid  CB4DD240-BFE4-11D3-8003-AA0004000104
We tried to fix the problem by changing the UTP cable and external connector
on the system but the situation is the same. Sometimes messages are more
frequent and sometimes are rare.
Could you pointed out what could be the problem? Could it be because of
network overloading, or the network adapter on the board?
Best regards
Goran Batkoski

The Answer is :

  The carrier check failures can be caused by a variety of problems,
  ranging from a poor or loose network connection to intermittent
  cable faults to cable faults to controller hardware errors.
  For assistance in configurating and troubleshooting your network
  LAN and LAN hardware, please contact your local hardware support
  Related topics include (7105), (3500), (3516), (3632), and (4439).

answer written or last revised on ( 8-NOV-2001 )

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