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Bulk download of the Ask The Wizard database?

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The Question is:

Dear Mr. Wizard,
ist it possible to get your database in one file? We are very impressed by
the quality of your answers and would like to put the questions/answers in
our local help system.
We are managing are larger site (70 VMS systems with 25 AS 8400) and did
find many helpful answers.
With kind regards
Andreas Fassl

The Answer is :

  The Ask The Wizard database has been made available as a zip archive,
  and the zip archive will be semi-occasionally replaced with a completely
  new version of the Ask The Wizard contents:
  That said, you should be able to determine the URL based on the topic
  number, which might permit you to more easily download the contents of
  the website.  (The "algorithm" used here is subject to change.)

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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