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DECevent license PAK?

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The Question is:

Why am I prompted for a DECEvent PAK when installing DECEvent?  The Compaq
field support rep that came out said we must have this installed but he said
nothing about a PAK.  This is software on our 7.2-1 OS CD-ROM.  Why do I
need a PAK?
If I really need one, how do I get one?

The Answer is :

  The PAK is required only for the advanced functions of DECevent,
  the basic bits-to-text translation does not require a license PAK.
  Ignore the prompt, in other words.  (The PAK should be available
  to you if you have a hardware support contract or warrantee, and
  will enable the use of the advanced error analysis and notification
  capabilities within DECevent.)
  Please see the DECevent FAQ for additional details:

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JAN-2000 )

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