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MicroVAX and VAX boot flags? Roots?

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The Question is:

We currently have 2 VAX 3800s which share disks from a storage unit. They
share the same system disk, but the boot paths should be different. One
should be SYS0 and the other SYS1. Could you please tell me how I can get
each machine to do a conversational
 boot using the valid paths. And also how to tell which path is being used
by either machine. Currently both machines, when trying to do a
conversational boot seem to be using the same boot area.
Paul Coombs

The Answer is :

  The usual console command involved sets the default value
  for the system boot flags.
  On the MicroVAX 3800 series, the particular console commands
    set bflg 10000000
    show bflg
  Set the uppermost byte to the target system root.
  On most (all?) recent MicroVAX, VAXserver, VAXstation, and
  MicroVAX systems, the console supports a HELP command.  This
  command can be quite useful in determining the particular
  command(s) required.
  On most Alpha systems, the console environment variable is
    set boot_osflags root,bootflags
    show boot_osflags
  Set the root value to the target system root.
  Please also see the following sections in the OpenVMS FAQ:
    ALPHA11.  What are the APB boot flag values?
    VAX7.  What are the VMB boot flag values?

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JAN-2000 )

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