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Application fails on another VAX platform?

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The Question is:

I developed a program for a special halfduplex medem connection on a
micro-VAX. (The handshace goes over rts/cts).
When I installed and tested the program on a VAX4000/400, I had to state,
that that program run no longer correctly. I can make only the connection of
the two modems (CONNECT/12000 HDX). A futher data exchange does not take
place. What couldthe cause for
INFO: The micro-VAX had an DMF32 terminal device, the VAX 4000/400 a DHV11.

The Answer is :

  This could be an application programming bug, an OpenVMS-related bug, a
  hardware bug, or a simply lack of CTS/RTS support within the particular
  hardware configuration.
  Without significantly more detail, the OpenVMS Wizard cannot provide
  an answer.
  As a first step, follow topic 1661 for a discussion of basic programming
  synchronization requirements.  Then determine if the hardware supports
  this operation.  If it does, then use a breakout box or similar to track
  the activity on the serial line, and use the OpenVMS debugger and the
  OpenVMS documentation to track the activity of the application program.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for further assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JAN-2000 )

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