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Unexpected application error code? (S1032)

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The Question is:

Hi, I am getting an error code in my program.  I am using the S1032
database, but it is not a S1032 error. The error code 7FFEC970.  I guess
7FFE is a facility code, but I don't know what facility it is.  Any ideas?

The Answer is :

  If this is your program, then this particular condition value does not
  appear to be valid.  It might be a virtual address, or it might be some
  other random value left in R0.   (When an application image or routine
  exits, the value left in register R0 provides the default condition
  value or return value, if an explicit value is not specified.)
  Without an example of the particular sequence of events leading up
  to the error, it is more difficult to provide specifics.
  If this specifically involves the S1032 database, the maintainer(s)
  of that will likely require information on the version and the
  particular sequence of events leading up to the error.  An example
  program will likely be of use.
  Please see the OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual for some general
  information of interest to programmers, and please see topic 1661
  here in Ask The Wizard for a list of specific guidelines.  Also of
  interest here will be the OpenVMS Debugger, as this tool can help you
  examine the specific run-time environment surrounding this event.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-JAN-2000 )

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