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LMF, license PAKs, and interactive users?

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The Question is:

How to find out how many User licenses are installed and how many are used.
What type of processes 'use' a VMS license, interactive logins and what else

The Answer is :

  Please see:
  The OpenVMS Alpha user license is often refered to as a "user" license,
  but it shares a number of similarities with the "availability" license.
  The license PAK is named OPENVMS-ALPHA-USER, and one hundred units are
  required for each OpenVMS activity -- for each OpenVMS user.
  You can determining the license units for the particular license PAK
  using the LICENSE LIST/FULL command, and a look at the number of units
  and the activity for each PAK will tell you what the limits are.
  The SHOW LICENSE/CHARGE command displays the platform-specific license
  The answer to your second question -- "What type of processes 'use' a
  VMS license, interactive logins and what else?" -- is discussed in the
  OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD).   (A pointer to the SPD is
  included in the OpenVMS FAQ.)  The License Management Facility (LMF)
  might or might not allow you to log in a specific user -- LMF is a
  management tool and not an enforcement tool -- but the officially-
  permitted and licensed number of users is based on the licensing
  information included in the OpenVMS SPD.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JAN-2000 )

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