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Creating CD-ROM distribution media?

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The Question is:

We are COMPAQ Alliance Partner and, we want to distribute our Software
Products on CD-ROM?
What CD-ROM Formats can we use (ISO-9660 Level ?)?; and I understand we
might need some
special Software for OpenVMS to read the software (especially on a VAX).
Please Advise

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would STRONGLY recommend using your CSA contact(s)
  for assistance with this question and with the various related product
  distribution questions that invariably ensue.
  OpenVMS V6 and later can read ISO 9660 format CD-ROMs, and an ISO-capable
  add-on kit is (was) available for OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 systems.
  OpenVMS does not support various extensions, such as Rock Ridge.
  Packages permitting the creation of dual-format CD-ROMs -- ISO 9660 and
  ODS-2 on the same media -- are also available from various vendors (or
  as freeware/shareware).  This -- or the use of a native-format ODS-2 or
  ODS-5 CD-ROM disk -- is the prefered solution.
  PCSI installation from ISO 9660 can involve several extra steps -- such
  as a specific MOUNT command, or the relocation of the PCSI installation
  kits, or the unzip of the PCSI sequential kit onto an OpenVMS disk for
  later installation.  (These steps are not required with PCSI software
  installations from native ODS-2 or ODS-5 CD-ROM media.)
  An example of an ISO-9660 MOUNT command follows:
  There are known problems with attempts to use PCSI to install PCSI
  kits located on ISO-9660 CD-ROM media on OpenVMS versions including
  V7.2.  These problems are known to presently prevent PCSI installations
  from ISO-9660 media.
  Information on creating CD-R media on OpenVMS is included in the OpenVMS
  FAQ.  (ODS-2 and ODS-5 media can also be created on CD-R drives on most
  other systems that are capable of block-oriented media creation.)

answer written or last revised on ( 1-FEB-2000 )

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