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Configuring OpenVMS for IP ISP?

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The Question is:

Question how do you use netscape 303 with vms and pppd util
to connect to a isp and surf the internet can we do it
thanks for any help byron

The Answer is :

  Netscape is largely irrelevent to this discussion -- it and various
  other applications simply operate over an available IP transport.
  You first need to determine the appropriate IP transport protocol
  for connection into your ISP -- this means becoming familiar with
  what schemes are offered by the ISP, and what schemes are supported
  by your current environment.
  Once you find a match, you then need to determine how to configure
  the particular protocol.  You will also need to determine if RAS
  authentication or DHCP is required by your ISP as standard Compaq
  OpenVMS products do not currently support RAS authentication nor a
  DHCP client.
  For information on IP and PPP configurations, please see the information
  in SYS$COMMON:[SYSHLP.EXAMPLES.PPPD...] and see the TCP/IP Services
  Also see the discussions of WinGate and DHCP here in Ask The Wizard.
  Be aware of the security implications, as an IP network connection is

answer written or last revised on ( 2-FEB-2000 )

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