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PC Terminal Emulator?

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The Question is:

What Windows based software is available that can properly emulate a VT
terminal with multiple sessions?  The proticlal of choice is TCP/IP.  The
communication to the Alpha will be a VPN.  File transfers from Alpha to PC
and vice versa is also needed.  I
know about Pathworks 32 already.

The Answer is :

  PowerTerm 525, the terminal emulator in PATHWORKS 32, can use IP telnet,
  LAT, or DECnet CTERM for connections to remote hosts, and it emulates
  VT series terminals.
  Various other terminal emulators are available for the PC.
  With TCP/IP as the protocol of choice, and the requirement of file
  transfers between the OpenVMS Alpha and the PC, you will need to
  configure and operate TCP/IP on both systems, and use the appropriate
  file transfer utility or file access utility (FTP, NFS, etc).

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2000 )

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