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SYSGEN parameters related to BYTLM?

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The Question is:

Are there other sysgen parameters dependant on bytlm ?

The Answer is :

  The BYTLM qualifer "Specifies the buffered I/O byte limit for the
  BYTLM field of the UAF record. The buffered I/O byte limit is the
  maximum number of bytes of nonpaged system dynamic memory that a
  user's job can consume at one time. Nonpaged dynamic memory is used
  for operations such as I/O buffering, mailboxes, and file-access
  windows. The default is 32768 on VAX systems and 64000 on Alpha
  "NPAGEDYN sets the size of the nonpaged dynamic pool in bytes.  This
  figure is rounded down to an integral number of pages.  NPAGEDYN
  establishes the initial setting of the nonpaged pool size, but the
  pool size can be increased dynamically.
  To set a value for this parameter, use AUTOGEN initially, and then
  monitor the amount of space actually used with the DCL command SHOW

answer written or last revised on ( 2-FEB-2000 )

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