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Sharing TCP/IP Database in Cluster?

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The Question is:

TCPIP 5 --
We are running a Cluster with separate systemdisks, and a cluster common
What logicals are available to
ensure that common data is on the common disk.
What files need to be updated
(like TCPIP$NTP.CONF ...)
What accounts need to be adjusted
What other issues do I seem to miss
The VMS part has been take care of,
having a COMMON/SPECIFIC like SYS* they are called ENV_*
UCX used to be a mess, but TCPIP seems to be promissing some things even
work (SNMP f.i.)
Now i want to set up things with the least amount of pain, and the least
amount of problems when future upgrades are done.
Also, we want as much as possible on the Common
disk regarding, config & log files.
How many places are there where there are hard references to SYS$SYSDEVICE &
Ofcourse I can find it out, but probably you have been thingking about these
Nico Baggus

The Answer is :

  If you have separate system disks, then you obviously have multiple
  system roots, and multiple system common areas -- one common and
  one or more specific areas per system disk...
  Since you have two system disks, you will have two separate TCP/IP
  Services installations.
  Each TCP/IP Services installation will require a configuration pass
  for each active system root, as TCP/IP Services will store the various
  system-specific (root-specific) information in files located in the
  SYS$SPECIFIC: root.  That information which is stored in the common
  area can be shared across systems running the same TCP/IP version.
  A list of the typical "common" OpenVMS files is included in the
  SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE file that is present in OpenVMS V7.2 and later.
  Open-ended questions are exceedingly difficult to answer.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-FEB-2000 )

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