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Seeking (free) network monitor tools?

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The Question is:

Hello i'm looking for a freewar program that i can use to monitor my
network. I have 3 alpha 1000a's running vms ver7.1-1H1. we hvae decnet
installed and also useing telnet. What i'm looking for is a program to
monitor the proformanceof my network so that
 i can see what and who is causing a problem. thankyou for your help

The Answer is :

  DTS/DTR is part of DECnet Phase IV on OpenVMS.
  ping is part of TCP/IP Services.
  OpenVMS keeps various counters of network activity.
  Various network-related tools are present on the OpenVMS Freeware.  (See
  DBS*.)  These tools may or may not meet your particular requirements.
  Various commercial network tools are also available.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-FEB-2000 )

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