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Avoiding record length limit in EDT?

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The Question is:

I am running COM file as follows:
$COPY exim. exim.prt
$ ed/EDT exim.PRT
        SUBS /!//1:10000000
The length of record in exim.prt file greather then 255 characters.
So the system error with the error message:
"Record too big, truncated to 255 characters"
My question:
1. How to solve the error
2. How to increase length of record?
I do  appreciate for your assistance.

The Answer is :

  EDT is old and limited and relatively slow, and is not particularly
  recommended for new work and continued use.  There is no way to
  increase the supported record length within EDT, short of acquiring
  the EDT source, modifying it, and rebuilding it.  (An activity that
  is beyond the scope of Ask The Wizard.)  TPU -- with or without the
  EDT keypad -- is another available choice.
  You could look at a simple DCL command procedure in a loop, or at
  an editor (TPU, SUMSLP, or otherwise) that operates with longer
  Or, of course, you could reduce the record length.
  You will also want to ensure that the record structure is correct
  for the particular file -- files that have been transfered from
  another system (via disk or network) can easily have incorrect file
  attributes set.  Various files can use or require stream-LF file
  Without details of this particular file -- the output from the DCL
  command DIRECTORY/FULL, as well as a dump of the first couple of
  blocks of the file, as well as what text format you expect to be
  found in this PRT file -- it is difficult to determine if the file
  does (or does not) have a record structure mismatch.  Please
  contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-FEB-2000 )

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