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Implications of VAX and storage upgrades?

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The Question is:

The plan is to migrate everything on our Vax6620 to a VAX7630. We are also
going from HSC## architecture to HSZ52. Can you refer me to a valuable
source of information on this topic? Thanks - Nick

The Answer is :

  Other than the usual steps involved with system tuning -- such as the
  use of AUTOGEN with FEEDBACK and the determination of the appropriate
  settings of process quotas and system parameters for the current (or
  new) system -- this particular system and storage hardware change is
  not of general significance to OpenVMS itself.  Disks are disks, and
  one SMP-capable VAX system is much like any other.
  That said, you will likely see the names of storage devices change as
  a result of this or similar storage upgrades.  The OpenVMS Wizard would
  recommend moving to the use of logical names rather than physical device
  names, when you change your site-specific procedures and environment over
  to the new environment.  This includes placement of logical name
  definitions (for applications or other parts of the site-specific
  environment) in SYLOGICALS.COM or SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM or similar, and the
  use of the DISK$volumelabel logical name that are created by the MOUNT
  command -- rather than physical disk names.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-FEB-2000 )

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