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Third-party product? (MultiNet)

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The Question is:

We are running VMS 7.1 and Multinet 4.1.   We have disks NFS mounted
from version 4 Tru64 and SUN 5.6.  The transfer rate from a VMS disk to
the NFS mounted Tru64 disk is about  .10mbyte/sec.  Between the VMS and SUN
served disk it is .25 mbyte/sec.   Can you give me an idea of what a
resonable transfer rate could be?  Are there any suggestions for changes or
possible changes on the VMS side t
hat might improve the  performance?  Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Note:  The VMS system is an  AlPHA 4100 with 512 MB memory
            The Tru64 is an ALPHA 4100
            The Sun is a 450 eenterprise server

The Answer is :

  Please contact Multinet support for assistance with Multinet.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-FEB-2000 )

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