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Modification of Rightslist Identifiers?

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The Question is:

My question is regarding Rightslist identifiers.
Is is possible to change the value of an identifier?  I tried to used the
modify/id/value=identifier:%x01011 id_name command with the authorize
utility and it consistently errors indicated that the specified value is not
within the valid range.  I ran a t
est with the modify/id/value=uic:[20,121] hurdtc commmand and it does change
the uic type value in the rightslist database.  I checked the FAQ and
noticed that Steve wrote about what I am trying to do in merging to sysuaf
and rightslist files, but he didn
't mention any specific about this command.
So my question is, is the modify/id/value=identifier:%x.... a valid command
to use to change the value of an identifier?

The Answer is :

  When posting questions to the OpenVMS Wizard, please remember to
  include the command(s) used, and any error message(s) generated.
  Yes, MODIFY/IDENTIFIER is a valid command, and is appropriate for
  this particular operation.
  Rightslist identifier values have defined ranges, based on the
  particular type of the identifier -- you can modify identifiers,
  but only within the range specified for the identifier.
  An example of the modification of an identifier follows:
UAF> add/identifier foobar
%UAF-I-RDBADDMSG, identifier FOOBAR value %X80010003 added to rights database
UAF> modify/identifier/value=identifier=%X800199999 foobar
%UAF-I-RDBMDFYMSG, identifier FOOBAR modified
UAF> remove/identifier foobar
%UAF-I-RDBREMMSG, identifier FOOBAR value %X80199999 removed from rights ...

answer written or last revised on ( 14-FEB-2000 )

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