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OpenVMS tool like Windows Explorer? (FileView)

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The Question is:

What products will allow me to have a Windows Explorer or Internet explorer
view of OpenVMS. Is there anything that will allow me a 'pont and click'
view of the DCL Commands, or allow me to 'drag and drop' files from an
OpenVMS environment to another Open
VMS environbment or to the desktop PC. ??
Thanks in anticipation.
Peter O'Farrelly

The Answer is :

  DECwindows FileView presents an X Windows interface analogous to that
  of the specified tools, and can be extensively and easily customized
  to meet site-specific or user-specific requirements.
  Cross-platform operations are not as easy, as features such as
  drag-and-drop tend to operate only local to the particular system --
  to disks mounted on and directly accessable on the local system.
  Cross-platform operations from Windows systems generally involves
  add-on software such as that from Citrix -- DECwindows permits the
  use of remote network displays via X Windows protocols, the stock
  Windows interfaces do not support such access.  (The OpenVMS FileView
  display can be displayed on a Windows system running an X Windows
  Server package such as eXcursion.)
  Remote system management of OpenVMS from a Windows system is possible
  via the OpenVMS Management Station package -- this package is available
  in the OpenVMS distribution and for download from the OpenVMS Website.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-FEB-2000 )

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