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Entering Escape and Control Sequences?

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The Question is:

How do I create text file with escape characters
to insert into a device library table? My text
editor is edit or eve.

The Answer is :

  In EVE the QUOTE command (keystroke CTRL/V) is used to insert control
  characters into the data stream. After pressing CTRL/V, the next keystroke
  will be read as data, rather than as a command. So for example, the sequence
  CTRL/V RETURN will insert a CR character into the file.
  For ESC you can use CRTL/[
  There are some characters which cannot be inserted with the QUOTE command
  for example, the VMS operating system typically traps the following control
         CTRL/C    CTRL/O    CTRL/Q    CTRL/S    CTRL/T    CTRL/X    CTRL/Y
  Similarly, although some keyboards are capable of generating 8 bit
  characters, the key sequences can be complex, making them difficult to
  insert using the QUOTE command. To enter any ASCII character, given its
  ASCII value, use the command:
	Command: tpu eve$insert_text(ascii(168));
  This will insert ASCII character 168 at the cursor position.
  The wizard will leave as an exercise for the reader the task of coding
  a function which prompts for an ASCII value and performs the above
  function call.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-FEB-2000 )

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