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BACKUP/PHYSICAL and disk geometries? (take II)

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The Question is:

Backup/Physical, Wizard 92. (3566)
Well, i did double check: The disk are the same and backup/phy disk1 to tape
and then backup/phy tape to disk2 does work successfully. Only backup/phy
disk1 to disk2 does not do the job and my guess was 4.3Gb. The Disks are the
same size, geometrie and re
visionlevel and to be honest, I use it to backup a system, which DEC and
COMPAQ did favor for a while, I do make a complete copy of a WNT4.0 SP5
system by taking the SCSI Disks of the (ugly) PC, hook them up to one
Alphaserver and then doing the backup. I
t is not very fast doing the job via DLT7000, but better then anything else.
The disks are:
IBM DCAS-34330 Rev S65A, blcokss 8467200,cyl=8253,sec=171,trk=6.
This is not mayor VMS business, but it might give you a clue, that there is
something fishy with backup/phy beyond 4Gb. I do assume, never tested for
more then a decade. Speed of the backup in this mode might be something to
be checked, while in the code
(still the old it has to run in 2MB of memory design?)
I would like to thank you guys (i do expect more than one person doing the
job) for the time and effort taken to help the users, which do have
sometimes trouble to reach out for the next salesrep.

The Answer is :

  Please try this processing with Compaq-supported disks (and, of course,
  any available SCSI or BACKUP ECO kit), as this could potentially point
  to a problem with the disks or with the disk firmware -- OpenVMS has
  been known to push more disk I/O through than is apparently typical of
  other operating systems, and has accordingly uncovered various problems
  with certain models of disks.
  The OpenVMS Wizard has used BACKUP/PHYSICAL operations on various
  multi-gigabyte disks -- quite successfully.
  Specific BACKUP command(s) used and errors received would be useful.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-FEB-2000 )

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