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Third-party SCSI device support?

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The Question is:

I have just purchased a 3000/300LX Alpha with 32MB memory & 500MB Seagate
ST3610N disk.
I am trying to add another HD, a Seagate ST32151N 2GB drive. I have
connected the drive correctly, made sure all the SCSI bits are OK.
At >>>> I do sh dev and I can see the drive, it tells me the unit etc. I can
boot off my existing drive and at DCL I can sh dev d ok. It shows as online.
If I try to mountover=id dka400 or init/system dka400 my_label, I just get
INIT-F-DRVERR - Fatal driv
e error.
Is my OpenVMS version too old ? I am waiting for my DECUS registration to go
through so that I can get OpenVMS 7.5 Hobbyist version. Will this allow me
to use these disks ? I have also bought 2 Samsung WN32162U disks which are
SCSI-3. These also do not wo
rk, but I thought that this might be because the are SCSI-3.
Please can you put me out of my misery.
Thanks in anticipation
Alex Rawson

The Answer is :

  A few discussions of third-party disk device support and related issues
  exist here in the OpenVMS Ask The Wizard area.  By using third-party SCSI
  widgets, you are accepting the onus of testing and integration, and this
  effort can range from the trivial to the involved to the infeasible...
  This work is already been performed with OpenVMS-supported SCSI devices.
  Your OpenVMS Alpha version is far out-of-date -- if you wish to (try to)
  use third-party devices, please seriously consider at least V6.2 or
  (better) V7.1, as these releases are much better at trying to adapt to
  the vagaries of various third-party SCSI widgets...

answer written or last revised on ( 21-FEB-2000 )

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