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OpenVMS license trade-in/transfer policies?

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The Question is:

I run an Alpha 2100 5/250 which is stretched to creaking point. I intend to
replace with an Alpha ES40 - which I very much look forward to.
One supplier tells me that, although I intend to keep the A2100 for (off
line) development, testing (max 10 users) purposes and as fall back in the
event of D.R. I DO NOT need to purchase a new (unlimited user) VMS licence,
Compaq will allow me to transfe
r it across.
Another supplier tells me I WILL have to buy another license and the
trade-in value of the old one is so low it wouldn't be worth trading and
buying a small user licence.
This is delaying my decision to purchase.
I have logged with the Irish call centre, but for historic reasons do not
expect a quick feedback (not when it takes 25 minutes waiting to speak to
someone on the phone anyway!

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS unlimited use license is indeed "redesignatable".
  Therefore, you do not need to purchase a new license for the AlphaServer ES40.
  The license, however, can only be used on one system at a time.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2000 )

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