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PATHWORKS as a Microsoft PDC? BDC?

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The Question is:

I need to know about PDCs on a Pathworks server.  I want to add a NT domain
to my existing Pathworks domain.  What are the implications of that.  If the
NT PDC has the same domain name as the Pathworks server, will there be a
conflict?  How can I set the
Pathworks server to be a BDC to the NT server?  How do I set the Pathworks
server to nto try to be a master browser on the network?
Thank You.
Alan Jackson

The Answer is :

  For PATHWORKS V5 (OpenVMS V5.5-2, V6.2, V7.1), PATHWORKS must be the
  backup domain controller (DBC) to Microsoft Windows NT.
  For PATHWORKS V6 (OpenVMS V6.2, V7.1, V7.2), PATHWORKS can be a BDC or
  a primary domain controller (PDC).  Simply reconfigure the Windows NT
  server to join the domain that PATHWORKS is the PDC in.  Or, run the
  PWCONFIG tool, and have PATHWORKS join the Windows NT domain.
  You can not have two domains of the same name on the same network.
  An issue you will need to deal with is the user accounts in the two
  domains.  As user names map to SIDs, and SIDs are unique across
  domains, merging two domains into one, will result in loss of one set
  of SIDS.  (This is roughly analogous to merging multiple OpenVMS system
  disks into a single OpenVMS Cluster.)
  By Microsoft's design, the PDC is the master browser.  There is no
  supported way to alter this.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-MAR-2000 )

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