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Altering system parameters? (global pages)

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The Question is:

If there4re not enough free global pagelets available on the system to met
the installation requirements of any other software.  It means that the
system won4t install any other additional software on it?

The Answer is :

  This generally indicates that you need to reconfigure the OpenVMS
  system parameters to provide additional global pages (pagelets).
  For information, see the MODPARAMS.DAT file, the AUTOGEN utility,
  and the system parameters GBLPAGES, GBLSECTIONS, and GBLPAGFIL.
  Various product installation documentation sets that require
  specific parameter values will describe (at least in general
  detail) how to increase the current parameter settings.
  If the product-specific documentation is unavailable or inadequate,
  please see the following:

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2000 )

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