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PATHWORKS PDC not promoted to Master Browser?

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The Question is:

"Browser unable to promote itself to master browser."
Pathworks 6.0B running in 4-node Alpha cluster, all set as PDCs.  When browsing from NT client one node is not available to access, can also be the alias.  The node failing "remote node not available" can change radomly.
Does documetation exist on browser elections within Pathworks?  What governs which is master browser node?

The Answer is :

    The message "Browser unable to promote itself to master browser." is
    issues when the browser has won an election but cannot claim the
    master browser (unique) name.
    This may happen because the previous/current Master Browser in the
    domain is still holding this name. (The newly elected Master Browser
    cannot claim the unique name until the previous master browser has
    given-up the name). Many times this problem will not indicate problem
    only that the operation took longer than expected.
    If the messages persist over a long period than this would indicate
    some type of problem. If it looks like you're having problems we would
    need to know more about your domain before we could be of much help to
    you. Tell us about you domain (PDC, BDC's subnets, protocols).
    Normally, from a windows client you should be able to browse any node
    of a Pathworks cluster as well as the alias name.
    About browser elections; they can very briefly be summed up by saying
    the PDC will always be the Domain Master Browser. If a Pathworks
    cluster is the PDC than the node which started Pathworks first (or the
    node running the longest) will be the (active) Domain Master Browser.
    There isn't much documentation on this subject. You may find some
    information in the Microsoft WindowsNT Server Networking Guide (Chap 3)
    which is part of the Microsoft WindowsNT Server Resource Kit.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAR-2000 )

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