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Plans for f$getuai?

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The Question is:

Are there any plans to provide a f$getuai()? The only way that I know of to get the value of a single item from UAF using a DCL is by DCL like this
$ iniprv = f$getjpi("","CURPRIV")
$ set proc/priv=all
$ inidir = f$directory()
$ set def sys$system
$ def/user sys$output nl:
$ def/user sys$output nl:
$ mcr authorize list SYSTEM
$ if $status
$ then
$   open sysuaf SYSUAF.LIS
$ loop:
$   read /end=end sysuaf record
$   ... search for item and value in record
$   ... if found then goto end
$   goto loop
$ end:
$   close sysuaf
$ endif
$ set def 'inidir'
$ set proc/priv='iniprv'

The Answer is :

  There are presently no immediate plans for f$getuai.
  Access via sys$getuai is the recommended approach, as direct
  access to SYSUAF is not supported, nor is the parsing of output
  from utilities.
  There are freeware utilities that perform this task, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-MAR-2000 )

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