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PATHWORKS NETBEUI client sessions value?

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The Question is:

PATHWORKS (6B) - Is there away of setting the sessions value for NETBEUI other than by 'number of clients' using ADMIN/CONFIG?  The sessions limit is found using 'nbshow knbstatus'.  What determines the calculated value?
If i set PATHWORKS for 20 clients the value of 'sessions' is set to 45.  Can it be set to a very high maximum value to avoid exhausting these slots?

The Answer is :

  The sessions calculation is based on the number of clients, plus a
  fixed overhead of 25.  This overhead of 25 is required for the Server
  and for other associated processes, such as the License Registrar and
  the Browser.
  The NETBEUI resources are permanently allocated when the streamsos
  execlet is loaded, so the sessions value is not merely a maximum slot
  The resources in question are exhausted by the NETBEUI client
  connections, which in turn exhausts other resources that must also
  be accounted for.  So the only proper way to increase NETBEUI sessions
  involves increasing the permitted number of clients.
  To increase the number of sessions permitted, use ADMIN/CONFIG to choose
  "Maximize Client Capacity", with or without and AUTOGEN and reboot.  The
  configurator will determine the maximum number of clients the server can
  accomodate simultaneously, given the maximum resource capacity of your
  system.  (The configurator may need to run AUTOGEN and/or reboot your
  system to make additional system resources available to support such
  a configuration.)

answer written or last revised on ( 27-MAR-2000 )

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