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BASIC compilation WRITEERR?

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The Question is:

I've recently upgrade an Alpha from 6.2 to 7.2. Now when compiling a basic program (V1.3) the following message is displayed
%BASIC-F-WRITEERR, error writing DKB100:[PRMIS.V65A]DIP300.OBJ;1
-RMS-F-WBE, error on write behind
-JBC-W-FILALRACC, file already accessed on channel
-SYSTEM-F-OPINCOMPL, operation is incomplete
Any ideas ?

The Answer is :

  Assuming there are no "interesting" logical names around (that
  are potentially redirecting file accesses), and assuming that
  this is a valid BASIC installation, please contact the Compaq
  Customer Support Center directly.  A reproducer may be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-MAR-2000 )

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